Myriem E.

Marketing Designer


I'm a marketer and designer with 5 years of working experience. I was born and raised in Morocco, but I’ve lived all over the world – France, Malta, Belgium, China and currently living in Canada. I love to travel and explore new cultures, and my favourite place is always the next one.

Travelling has taught me so much about the world – but working online has allowed me to share my knowledge with others in a whole new way and it’s taken me all over the globe (virtualy).

tools & softwares i use


PG Certificate in Digital & Content Marketing

🇨🇦 York University (Toronto, Canada)

Master’s Degree, Auditing and Accounting

🇫🇷 Champagne-Ardenne University (Reims, France)

BA Degree, Economics and Management

🇫🇷 Aix-Marseille University (Marseille, France)

University Degree, Accounting and Finance

🇲🇦 Ecole Supérieure de Technologie (Casablanca, Morocco)


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